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ISBN: 978-3-86739-084-2
  • D: 14,95 €

A Tutu-Tart for Alice

Explaining anorexia to children

Recommended for translation.

Explaining the eating disorder anorexia in a manner appropriate to children

Target audience:
Children, aged 3 to 6, parents, friends and relatives of parents, whose child is suffering from anorexia as well as those working in information centers or as pedagogues.

Mary is worried about her older sister Alice. Alice's behavior has recently changed. She refuses to eat together with the family, acts moody and is withdrawn. Alice doesn't want to play with her little sister anymore and becomes thinner and thinner, almost as light as a feather. Mary starts to get a gloomy feeling inside her stomach, which grows from day to day...

This book tells the story of an anorexic girl from her younger sister's perspective. It shows little and grown- up readers a realistic view of the disease and encourages to deal with the problem as a family in order to overcome anorexia. This book is the first storybook which explains the eating disorder »anorexia« to young children.

This storybook is aimed at pre-school children, their parents and relatives.

Anja Freudiger is a psychologist and works in an early intervention center in Frankfurt. She also conducts seminars for parents, teachers and therapists.

To be published 2013, 30 Pages, €14.95, ISBN 978-3-86739-084-2

Original title:
»Eine Tütü-Torte für Elise. Kindern Magersucht erklären«


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