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Basic Knowledge: Dealing with psychotic patients

Recommended for translation.

Therapists and carers often feel unsure when they encounter people suffering from psychosis. This book provides useful information on how they can master this humane and occupational challenge.

Target audience:
Newcomers and those long employed in psychiatry who want to adopt or maintain a positive disposition towards the work they do with the clients/patients.

Dr. Thomas Bock begins this book with an introduction into how a psychotic person thinks, feels, and acts and takes away the fear of the often confused psychotic utterances of patients. The book describes the basic patterns of depression and mania and how the two elements interact with each other. Subsequently it deals with the genetic, mental, social, familial, and also spiritual aspects of the illness, all of which can play an important role during the treatment of psychosis. It also emphasises the importance to establish a low-key relationship between professional and patient, at best during the first meeting. A careful, understanding approach towards the patient is essential and a main concern of the book.

First published 2005, current 7th print-run, 2010,

Dr. Thomas Bock, born 1954, is a psychologist and head of the ambulant socio-psychiatry at a University Hospital in Hamburg.

Original title:
»Basiswissen: Umgang mit psychotischen Patienten«

The book series »Basic Knowledge« imparts the essential basics of the chosen subject area not only for newcomers but also for experienced therapists and carers working in psychiatry. It is also important to develop a sympathetic attitude towards people with mental disorders. In addition, the books in this series always have the welfare of the people tending the patient in mind to help enhance the satisfaction of their occupation.
The booklets mostly have 144 pages with helpful information on the inside cover. Because of their highly visible recognition factor and the closeness and competence with which they deal with each subject, the series, which now runs to 12 volumes, has achieved the status of a »home library« in German speaking countries.


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