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ISBN: 978-3-86739-077-4
  • D: 17,95 €

Always on the Go

A Self-Help Book for Adults with ADHD


Recommended for translation.

Dealing with adult ADHD.

Target audience:
Adults diagnosed with the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), their relatives and friends.

More and more adults are diagnosed with ADHD. Affected people often have to deal with conflicts in their family, in the daily and working life and suffer from difficulties in concentration. This book helps to find out if one is affected and gives advise how to manage the daily life. It explains methods in treatment and the possibilities in self-help.

A range of example cases clarifies the typical behavioral pattern and how one can overcome it with structures. Questions and checklists simplify the easy access for those who like it short and simple.

Dr. med. Harald Scherk, private docent, is medical director of the AMEOS clinic Osnabrück, a specialist hospital for psychiatry and psychotherapy.
Marion Kamp is educator and single mother of two daughters. She is ADHD experienced, lives and works in Osnabrück.

First published in 2013, ISBN 978-3-86739-077-4, 152 Pages, € 17.95.

Original title:
Immer auf dem Sprung: Ein Selbsthilfebuch für Erwachsene mit ADHS


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