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Basic Knowledge: Dealing with patients with borderline personality disorder

Recommended for translation.

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a diagnosis that has a good chance of being successfully treated. This book offers professionals practical help in understanding the implications of the disorder and working as a team to successfully deal with BDP.

Target audience:
Doctors, therapists, carers, social workers, and attendants who are confronted with BPD sufferers in their line of work.

People with BPD are often very unsettling for therapeutic personnel: They have to endure personal hurt or degradation, rapid changes from a need for closeness to absolute disassociation. In this book Dr. Ewald Rahn offers suggestions about how psychiatric professionals and their teamy can achieve a useful therapeutic approach. He establishes a deeper understanding of this illness by demonstrating why sufferers behave as they do and what feelings and mental states can really be hidden behind this behaviour and how to deal with them.

Current 5th print-run, 2011.

Ewald Rahn, born. 1952, neurologist, psychotherapist, doctor of psychotherapeutic medicine, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist and Assistant Clinic Manager at Warstein.

Original title:
»Basiswissen: Umgang mit Borderline-Patienten«

The book series »Basic Knowledge« imparts the essential basics of the chosen subject area not only for newcomers but also for experienced therapists and carers working in psychiatry. It is also important to develop a sympathetic attitude towards people with mental disorders. In addition, the books in this series always have the welfare of the people tending the patient in mind to help enhance the satisfaction of their occupation.
The booklets mostly have 144 pages with helpful information on the inside cover. Because of their highly visible recognition factor and the closeness and competence with which they deal with each subject, the series, which now runs to 12 volumes, has achieved the status of a »home library« in German speaking countries.


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